USBsyncer 4.0.0

USBsyncer 4.0.0: Automatically sync, move or backup files between USB drive and computer. USBsyncer is a job based tool for file handling, backup, copying, moving, deleting, compressing, synchronizing, file and folder surveillance and many more. The job can be executed in one click and USB drive inserted. The USBsyncer also provide comprehensive executed schedule options, all jobs can be executed in intervals, daily, weekly, monthly, year, etc.

FileMove Pro 2.05.07: Automatical file/folder handling for backup, copy, move, compress, synchronize.
FileMove Pro 2.05.07

FileMove Pro is a job based tool for file handling. Backup, copying, moving, deleting, compressing, synchronizing, file and folder surveillance and many more. All jobs can be executed in intervals, daily, weekly, monthly or by date and time. FileMove Pro runs its jobs local or in a network, is multi user able, file actions and can be executed as NT service and the interfaces are multilingual.

move, complex, file, monitor, folder, copy, quickstart, synchronize, surveillance, watch, selective, backup, automatically

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SQL Scriptor

executed. Warns you when scripts were changed after they were executed in target database. Allows you to manage multiple database schema modules. Supports the concept of Database Modules. Records each executed script hash to be able to detect whether changes were made to script that was already released. Keeps records about what scripts were executed, when, by whom and from what machine. Stops you from executing scripts that contain [USE] statement

sql scripting, release management

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CAMELOT Security 2005

CAMELOT Security 2005 is a server side based spam filtering solution for MS Windows. Incoming messages run through a chain of application layers inside a multi-tier protection system. Several methods of analysis are executed by active content processors, using artificial intelligence with self-learning filter processes. A special interface to Norman Virus Control offers a proactive solution to protect the system against new and unknown viruses.

smtp, filter, virus, email, spam, pop3, firewall, security, mail, bayes

Prof Shutdown 4.6.1: Shutdown/Reboot/Wakeup solution for enterprise-wide and office networks
Prof Shutdown 4.6.1

Is a remote administration tool for enterprise-wide and small office networks. It lets you run or schedule shutdown, reboot, hibernate, sleep, log off and wakeup jobs on a local or multiple remote machines. The jobs are executed automatically at a specified time. Prof Shutdown has the following key features: simple interface, "Add New Task" wizard, scheduler, command line support, log maintenance, no need to install a client on remote machines.

wakeup, power off, reboot, hibernate, wake on lan, schedule, remote, group, ping, shutdown, sleep

SQLHelp 2.42: Produce reference documentation for SQL stored procedures
SQLHelp 2.42

executed procedures, return values, and transactional nature, independent of the path of execution. Extended capabilities include declarative procedure grouping, hyperlinked executed procedure access and query analyzer style syntax color coding. All documentation is generated via SQL batch files and requires no active database connection. SQLHelp produced documentation is perfect as printed database documentation for clients, online access for middle

annotation of sql, stored procedures, stored procedure, sql documentation

Caché Monitor 0.32: Cache Monitor is an SQL development tool for InterSystems database Cache
Caché Monitor 0.32

Cache Monitor is the SQL development tool designed for InterSystems database Cache. It supports developers with features, like: advanced SQL Query Editor with foreign key join suggestion,Cache-SQL Syntax highlighting,SQL Code completion,SQL History buffer for executed SQL commands,SQL Code formatting,Graphical SQL execution plan and more.

execution plan, database, editor, tool, query, intersystems, tuning

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